In 1912, we made our first MotorClothes® garment proudly bearing the Harley-Davidson® name. From that first jersey to the very latest protective Riding Gear, Core and Seasonal ranges, we ensure that you are protected and look great on or off the bike.



This is our classic range - the heart and soul of your wardrobe; riding gear with attitude and excitement to take on the road. We’ve got leathers, riding gear, functional and casual outerwear, sportswear and accessories, so you can style yourself for some serious riding.


Four seasons, four seasonal collections. Just as each season has its own look and feel, so do our collections. The Seasonal Collections are stylish additions to our riding and fashion ranges. Building on classic American heritage, our limited edition designs enable you to standout from the crowd all year round. And like the seasons, they're only here for a short time, so don’t miss out.


Whatever your journey, we have the gear to get you there. Designed with you in mind, our range is tailored for safety, comfort and confidence. From classic leather jackets and helmets to eyewear and gloves, you can customise your style as well as your bike.


Customise yourself with our range of authentic accessorises, from belts and buckles to caps and scarves. Like everything we make, our accessories embody the spirit of Harley-Davidson® and are made from only the best materials. You can also accessorise your home with gift items and collectibles, including signage, barware, mugs and clocks.

Whatever your journey, we have the gear to get you there. Designed with you in mind, our range is tailored for safety, comfort and confidence, from classic leather jackets and helmets to eyewear and gloves.


Helmets are the most important piece of safety gear. Statistics show that correctly fitted and worn helmets dramatically reduce the incidence of fatal head injuries, so it's essential to get the right one for you.

So why not come in and see us and we will check your helmet for fit, age and any damage.


Our leathers are designed to give you exactly what you want, on and off the road, and include both modern and more vintage styles.

Born from a proud tradition of performance, our leathers will stand the test of time. These high-quality hides are dyed completely through the leather, so even if you scuff them, they continue to look great.

Performance Sportswear

It’s essential you look good off the bike and feel good on it, so we have developed a wide-range of Performance Sportswear which can act as the perfect bottom layer when you’re out riding.

Incorporating the latest technologies, our Performance Fabrics help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool, dry and fresh throughout the day.

Safety Essentials

Whatever the weather, these are must haves for safe riding. Whether it’s about remaining comfortable when the weather's against you or being seen by other road users, our riding gear incorporates the latest technologies to provide you with all the protection you need for a safe ride.

From our heated clothing and cooler mesh riding jackets to our range of Hi-Vis waterproofs and outerwear, we will make sure you can continue riding in any climate.

The road to superior performance never ends at Harley-Davidson®. Our foundation is based in the development of innovative, functional riding gear. We identify and integrate the best technologies and materials the industry has to offer and our new FXRG® line is no exception. Every item in the FXRG® collection delivers the absolute best in versatility, comfort and protection. Because that’s what your ultimate ride demands.

It's what we're made of

Waterproof Leather – Saturated completely with a water repellent treatment and with the addition of the Cocona® Technology™ Membrane, the midweight leather is fully waterproofed to keep the elements out.

Waterproof Textile Fabric – Lightweight, waterproof, windproof, abrasion-resistant and tear resistant high denier nylon is combined with a Cocona® Natural Technology™ Membrane.

Ride Comfortably

Cocona® Natural Technology™ Membrane The Cocona® Membrane lies between the outershell and the mesh lining of the jacket. This technology uses naturally derived fibers from coconut shells and other natural micro porous particles to provide unprecedented breathability while maintaining the ultimate in the windproof and waterproof performance.

Never Compromise

Riding conditions have a way of changing on you when you least expect it. And it’s tough to stay ready for anything without having to pack for every occasion. Harley-Davidson® FXRG® has the versatility you need to stand up against the wind, precipitation, heat and cold.

With premier technologies, high quality materials and celebrated manufacturing expertise, we provide all the protection you need, without holding you back.


Our FXRG® riding gear options provide unparalleled versatility, comfort and durability. The Midweight Leather Jacket and Textile Jacket are ideal for various climates. Our FXRG Leather and Textile Overpant, zips to attach to all men’s FXRG Jackets, providing you with full performance from head to toe while you ride.


Our Women’s FXRG® line includes more functionality than ever, along with distinctly feminine styling. Our leather jacket has been re-engineered to incorporate new technologies and materials, our leather and textile overpant features a comfortable and feminine fit, and our leather gloves have an exclusive waterproof Gore-Tex® liner for added comfort.

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